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Kay Rose



Kay Rose is an American Female Rapper, Model & Media Personality. She started rapping at the age of 15 and started going by the Stage Name 'Rae Dinero.' It wasn't until just recently and after a six year long break, that the artist known as Kay Rose came to be. During the time spent under the Stage Name 'Rae Dinero', the young Female Rapper was able to build many relationships within the Industry. 

She had managed to work with DJ Black Ceza as the Editor-In-Chief of 'The A&R Review Magazine' and landed interviews with some major Legends such as 'Play' from 'Kid n Play' and all the various original House Party movies, The R&B group 'Troop' and more.. all while working on her first album 'Morphine' which can be found on all Digital Streaming Platforms. 

After working with DJ Black Ceza, she was given the chance to work with the Marketing and Promotions team for D-Block and earned another lifelong connection as well as a Partnership with The Nerve DJs, Def Jam & Universal Music Group forming the Magazine known as 'LOCKED,' that became a Major success with over 24 issues, as well as a Household name around the Globe. Industry features and interviews done by Kay Rose included names like FreeWay RickRoss, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Musiq Soulchild and more. 

The Female Rapper now known as Kay Rose, had at the time, gotten her name added to the 'List of Ultimate Female Emcees' which included names like Nicki Minaj, Rah Digga and all the Classic ladies of Hip-Hop. Kay Rose has a style of her own but has been compared to artist such as Mia X. The creativity of the songs she performs and her style as well as word play is what makes her a Female Rapper that you can actually listen to. 

She is currently working on perfecting her craft and getting her music out to the world. Kay Rose is the definition of a Structured Artist. The world just hasn't quite been made aware. The Queen has returned to take the thrown that should have BEEN placed on her head ! 🌹 💋 

Kay Rose 

Tel: ‪(970) 658-0547

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