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Style: Coffee

Personalized coffee presents an idea that's right in step with today's trends and current consumer tastes. And on the reception tabletops, coffee favors are sure to be a conversation piece. Plus, they’re something wedding guests most certainly will use and enjoy after the wedding!

Elegant and glamorous, the color silver imparts a feeling of luxury. Sophisticated and classic, silver adds a bit of sparkle and shimmer to any season, occasion, or party theme. Bringing that sterling look to your event is a snap with our silver coffee packets. Personalize each packet with a design that suites your style and showcases your personality for a fantastic gourmet favor.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • The coffee is a blend of South American and Vietnam beans with a medium roast
  • Each packet is sealed for freshness in a beautiful foil pouch
  • Pre-measured to make one perfect pot of coffee (8-10 cups)
  • Great For Gifts and Favors
  • Easily self assembled with self-adhesive labels
  • Purchase pre-assembled for an upcharge
  • Dimensions: 4.5"w x 6"h


Ingredients:Ground Coffee

Black Label Generation Coffee

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