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HHC Ice 2.2mL Disposable – Ice Frozen Lemonade by Astro Eight

Try Astro Eight's latest disposables filled with HHC that IS extracted from pure, top-shelf hemp. Then blended together with a unique “icey cool” terpene developed by Criticold Laboratories. This fresh terpene is the first minty terpene flavor made in the cannabis space. Enjoy how this flavor blast lasts until the very last drop.

HHC Ice – Frozen Lemonade is a mixture of a tangy Lemonade flavor profile that is frosted with a minty cool terpene that has been newly developed in the cannabis cartridge scene.

  • 2.2mL of HHC
  • Icey Terpene Flavor
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Indica strain
  • Rechargeable battery via USB.


Warning: May cause psychotropic effect

HHC Big Bang Blend Disposable Vape- Ice Frozen Lemonade - 2.2ml by Astro Eight

SKU: 10f62ddf
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