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Rado Red 

Country/Rap Artist

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Date of Birth:

April 20, 1987

Werr I'm Rrom (MoonbounceRado Red
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A Bit About Me

I have been doing music as long as I can remember. I started to really take music seriously upon incarceration. Being inside, it was my release from it all. Upon release I really started to push my music and my music career. I didn't want to be another emcee/performer. I didn't want to be rich, I wanted to be heard, want a person to feel my music in their soul. Now my career has taken a different turn and my focus is on the new country r&b style that exerts my feelings as a whole, not just my emotions. Now signed with 80 Generations, I have set goals and I plan to exceed them with the love from my fans as my strength. 


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